My Journey


My name is Teresa Lansing. I am a wife, mother of four married children, grandmother to thirteen wonderful grandchildren, and I’m passionate about helping others build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. A lifestyle that took me half a lifetime to build. I was an overweight child, teen, and young adult. I suffered with emotional eating, mild depression, stress, yo-yo dieting, insomnia, sugar addiction, and poor self-esteem.

My journey has taken me through the unhealthy maze of various diets, starving, binge-eating, self-hatred, unhappiness, and a hip replacement. The latter condition forced me to retire from my desk job two years prior to the surgery, and gave me the motivation to research natural and holistic healing and to strive for maximum mobility/ minimum discomfort while I waited for my new hip. Recovery was relatively easy as a result of my health eating habits and fitness so it didn’t take long for me to become restless with my “early retirement” but I knew I wanted to make a career change. When I stumbled upon the idea of health coaching in 2016, it resonated so strongly with the idea that had started to form in my subconscious that I knew I had to look into it.

I first used my training to improve my own health habits, moved on to working with fellow students, family, friends, and finally clients. It soon became very clear to me that almost all of the feared aspects of aging are actually simply symptoms of poor health and that it is our lifestyle, not the number of birthdays, which determine our health and vitality. When asked what my business is about, I like to say I am in the business of helping others create today the body they will live in tomorrow.

I now know that health is a lifetime journey. No one can ignore their health – physical, mental, nor emotional – and expect to live the best version of themselves. I can think of no more rewarding life than helping others learn how to feel strong, valuable, confident, and alive!