Monthly Check-in Program- Duration varies

Once the 12-Week Program is completed, some clients prefer to continue the support and accountability relationship with monthly 45-minute sessions, in increments of 6 months.

Detoxification- 30 minutes

14-Day Cleanse: 3 weekly 1:1 or group sessions to lead you through an elimination diet and internal cleanse

Discovery Conversation- 45 minutes

Spend 45-60 minutes chatting with me so we can uncover your goals and decide whether we are a good fit to work together!

Health Coaching - 12 week program- 1 hour

90-Day Total Transformation Program. 12 Weekly 1:1 sessions by phone or video chat

Healthy Couple

My job is to guide without judgment. In order to make change we need motivation, accountability and support. My clients are never alone. Healthy habits will never occur unless they align with how the client wishes to feel every day.  Just as there is no perfect diet, there will not be just one healthy lifestyle.  Each and every one of us must find THE best options which promote and maintain balance in our lives.