• Teresa Lansing

What is Your Why?

Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Knowing your why is the first step in determining how to achieve the goals which will add life to your years versus merely helping you to survive. It is THE most important answer in your journey to the “best version of you”, and only YOU can answer it. But you may require help to uncover it.

The client has the wisdom and truth; the coach helps uncover it.

We all know people who spend their lives always reaching, battling, or chasing something but never finding happiness, peace, or satisfaction. They often obtain their goals but somehow, once reached the goals aren’t enough because the true desire was never identified.

What do you wish for? If I could grant you a wish concerning your health, physical or emotional, what would it be? Can you say why? Until you dig down deep – REALLY deep – you will never understand why you think you want that wish. And unless you understand, you cannot achieve your goals because you aren’t really working towards what you truly desire.

Do you think you will be happy if you lose ten pounds? Or, if you were to uncover your reasons, layer by layer, would you discover that what you really want is self-love? Even if you lose the ten pounds, you might still be miserable and before you know it, the weight returns. BUT, learn to love yourself FIRST and you’ll be happier even if the extra pounds remain. The bonus is that once you love yourself, the weight will most likely melt away because with a new zest for life you may become more active or perhaps won’t be engaging so often in emotional eating.

Finding your why is crucial in all areas of life. Unless you can identify your true goal, you cannot possibly reach it. A health coach will not tell you what your why is – that is something only you can know. A health coach leads you through the murky waters of confusion that are blurring your vision.

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