• Teresa Lansing

Health Coach: When You've Tried Enough Diets

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I am a Health Coach.

What that means to you will depend upon which area of your health is suffering the most.

I truly believe health is the sum of the state of mind, body, & spirit. If any one of the three is depleted, injured, or sick in any way, we are not really healthy.

Of course, we usually have an immediate concern – the most frequently acknowledged is weight – but also sugar addiction, emotional eating, extreme fatigue, aging, stress, or any of a myriad of symptoms. When a client comes to me, say for weight loss, I don’t simply suggest a diet. That word, in its modern context, is stricken from my vocabulary. Together we work to identify the client’s goals and roadblocks. I give them tools needed to change habits and heal lifestyles.

Whether you are choosing to eat according to Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Atkins, Keto, Paleo, Vegan, or the Cabbage Soup diet, you will never have success (defined as sustainable) until you understand what your unique body responds to, what your emotional eating triggers and responses are, and how your weight has as much to do with your stress, relationships, sleep and hydration as it does food intake.

Just as so many of us have tried many of the “miracle diets” found on social media, television, and best-sellers’ lists, a great many of us have tried the pop-psychology approach to self-image, with similar results. We are told that we need to accept ourselves, see our own beauty, and flaunt it. Our screens are filled with bold, aggressive, confident (and often scantily-clad) women declaring their own beauty. Rather than sending the message that they love themselves, often these women simply seem to be challenging the viewers much as a petulant child might defy others to disagree with some statement made. Do these women truly believe they are beautiful and lovable or are they simply begging for someone to agree with them?

When I see women on social media constantly posting selfies so that others can tell them how beautiful they are, I don’t sense confidence. I discourage self-negativity and encourage self-love but also I want them to learn that who they are is not dependent upon convincing others of their worth. Learning to truly love yourself means that you no longer depend upon others to tell you that you are loveable!

The biggest discovery on the journey to true health and happiness is when we finally understand that our perception of self-worth is seldom directly connected to our weight, appearance or personality. My sessions start with trying to uncover the client’s “why” – what is it that truly motivates the desire for change? At least one “why” can be uncovered fairly quickly but as time goes on, and self-awareness improves, almost always the client will suddenly see that some long ago, and long-buried event set the stage for a belief they hold about themselves and now understand is not true.

You may believe that good health is the only road to vitality, or that happiness comes from your circumstances. It has been my experience that happiness comes from within, and that health not only affects happiness and energy but that our moods affect our health.

My role as Health Coach is to show you how to become healthy, happy, and filled with vitality!

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