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Covid Has Derailed My “Give-a-Damn”: What I Am Going To Do About It – Part Two

Fake it ‘Til You Make It!

In week two of my “aha moment” I am ready to share some of my thought processes, steps, and progress with you.

Immediately after my daughter reminded me that I, of all people, should appreciate what was happening to our society – to ME – after almost a year of isolation, I turned my attention inward and didn’t like what I saw. Last March I wrote articles about how we could overcome the problems of Covid - I just reread them, and they contained great advice! But 11 months later, so many of my healthy habits had been diluted or dropped that my days bore little resemblance to my previous lifestyle. I quickly identified many areas I wanted to adjust, I committed them to paper, and now I am sharing them with you.

1. Declutter – my life is filled with useless thoughts, activities, and physical clutter I haven’t dealt with.

2. Take care of my appearance – make-up, hair, the fit of my clothing

3. Get back to my healthy habits – nutrition, hydration, sleep, exercise

4. Make an effort to reconnect with my family and friends

Every journey begins with a single step. One step will not get me to my destination any more than starting the car will get me to the grocery store, but without that first step, without starting the car, I will not get there. I have learned, too, that rather than focus on how far I have to go, I need to adopt the mindset that I have already overcome the obstacle simply by tackling it, and live in that confidence – fake it until you make it!

I haven’t attacked these goals systematically, nor individually. I feel comfortable in this approach because, until several months ago, they were all my “normal”. When I’m coaching people who need help discovering the healthy behavior they need, and transforming their habits, we always work our way gradually in order to avoid overwhelm, but I KNOW all these things; I PRACTISED all these things – I just stopped caring!

A few weeks ago I was invited to participate in a Facebook party for cosmetics. I was already becoming vaguely uncomfortable with the neglect of my appearance so I decided to declutter my makeup inventory – out went all the shimmery eyeshadows, bright colours, and outdated products. I was left with mascara, eyebrow powder, and some lipsticks so I decided to order a few items. When they arrived last week, it took me far longer than it should to relearn makeup application but once done, I was surprised at the change in my mood!

Cleaning out my makeup drawer felt so good I was inspired to go through the bathroom cabinet and closet as well as our linens.

As the family bookkeeper, I am responsible for several sets of books but I had fallen several months behind. Last month end was the deadline for filing GST returns. This was the impetus I needed to sit down at my computer for three full days and cleared enough space in my office that I started thinking about researching and writing again!

Next, I turned my attention to my kitchen. After cleaning the refrigerator, menu planning, and shopping, I have actually cooked a few meals – High-five, me! Today I set down one of my dining room chairs, set the table, and sat down properly for lunch.

Sunday morning, I set my alarm for the first time in months so that I was ready for 9:00 a.m. mass. The -42C temperature would have kept “last week me” home but I dug out the new cosmetics, pulled on my leather boots and carried through. Sunday evening I decided to set the alarm again so I was sure to turn off the TV and start winding down early–ish. (In bed by 11 😉 )

Once I took the first step, it seemed like a switch was thrown. One by one, my old habits are creeping back into my routine. I think it may be time to address my recently “shrinking” wardrobe. This week’s forecast doesn’t look great for my walks but hopefully I will soon be reporting that workouts have made a comeback as well.

Stay tuned…

Stay safe, healthy, and happy on your journey,


(PS: If you feel inspired to make some changes in your life, I would love to hear about it! healthcoachteresa@gmail.com Instagram @lifetransformationhealthcoach Facebook @Never2Late2Transform)

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