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My experience with working with Teresa for the past three months for health and nutrition has been an exciting journey! I was given extremely helpful insights into reaching my goals for fitness and nutrition. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable with many resources as well as great support, encouragement and feedback. I found her to be very compassionate and willing to ask the hard questions, which need to be considered in a safe environment. This experience with Teresa has been truly a gift. Thank you Teresa!

— Janice T.

I am amazed how Teresa created this safe space for me and I was able to share thoughts and feelings that I have never said out loud, hearing my blocks or judgments about myself was at first a little daunting but as the sequence went on became powerful and spacious...thank you, Teresa for allowing me to learn something special about myself. I truly appreciate you working with me and am excited to slow down and get out of my own way so that I can see how sweet my life really is!!

— Ingrid S.

What a breakthrough I had with Teresa. Thank you! You were an extraordinary coach!

— Christian O

When I started my sessions with Teresa, I was sprinting though my day-to-day routines - cooking, cleaning, working, running kids around to school and activities - repeat! I was not thinking about any of it…just doing it. My personal activity levels had decreased significantly - I was feeling tired and stressed and just was not feeling like myself. I wanted to feel healthy and strong again, but I just could not find the motivation (or the time) to get myself there. Throughout my sessions with Teresa, I set personal goals and we discussed different topics from exercise and nutrition to decluttering my home and my calendar – all things that would help me to achieve my goals. Every week I walked away with action steps to push me towards a better me. The most important lesson that I learned during my coaching sessions with Teresa however, was that in order to ultimately achieve the goals that I had set for myself, I would have to learn to make ME a priority in my life. (Not an easy task!) I have since learned to be mindful of everything that I do from eating to breathing to moving…and I AM a priority in MY life! Thank you Teresa, for helping me to realize that I am going to get out of life what I put into it, and that taking care of myself will lead to a happier and healthier life overall!

— Tena L.